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  1. Kerlin Lab | Neuroscience | University of Minnesota
    Kerlin Lab Neuroscience | University of Minnesota Our Research Publications Members undergraduateS Gabriella Bjellos- undergraduate Researcher Dante Rogers- undergraduate ResearcherJarod Davis- undergraduate ResearcherHuan Tran- undergraduate ResearcherAn.
    http://kerlinlab.org Visit kerlinlab.org
  2. Lassonde Undergraduate Research
    Lassonde School of Engineering at York University, along with Schulich School of Business, the Faculty of Health and the Faculty of Science, present their undergraduate summer research conference. Held at the Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence..
    http://lassondeundergraduateresearch.com Visit lassondeundergraduateresearch.com
  3. Science Undergraduate Society
    We are the Science undergraduate Society (SUS) of Simon Fraser University (SFU). Providing students with an enhanced university experience..
    http://sfusus.com Visit sfusus.com
  4. Undergraduate Projects Lab
    The undergraduate Projects Lab.
    http://uw-upl.github.io Visit uw-upl.github.io
  5. Undergraduate Women's Network
    About US The undergraduate Women's Network is an organization that aims to become the home and hub for all things pre-professional women need in order to become inspired, encouraged, and confident while pursuing their careers. We are an ambitious group lo.
    http://uwnuic.com Visit uwnuic.com
  6. Ashutosh Chaubey - Computer Science Undergraduate
    Computer Science undergraduate.
    http://ashutoshchaubey.in Visit ashutoshchaubey.in
  7. National Conferences on Undergraduate Research | Events | Council on Undergraduate Research
    Visit the Council on undergraduate Research for information about membership, publications, conferences, projects, governance, advocacy and more..
    http://ncur.org Visit ncur.org
  8. Undergraduate Education at BJUT
    undergraduate Education at BJUT.
    http://fms-bjut.net Visit fms-bjut.net
  9. Kunal Sheth | Computer Engineering Undergraduate @ UIUC
    Computer Engineering undergraduate @ UIUC.
    http://kunalsheth.info Visit kunalsheth.info
  10. Penn Undergraduate Law Journal - Home
    Penn undergraduate Law Journal.
    http://pulj.org Visit pulj.org
  11. flamenco dessin - supercarbonize.xyz
    undergraduate students should refer to the relevant section of the UCC undergraduate Calendar for their programme requirements..
    http://supercarbonize.xyz Visit supercarbonize.xyz
  12. Perth Undergraduate Choral Society
    The Perth undergraduate Choral Society is one of the leading choirs in Perth, Western Australia. There are NO AUDITIONS to join and PUCS membership is open to singers of all ages..
    http://pucs.org.au Visit pucs.org.au
  13. essay | undergraduate literary magazine
    Essay is a literary magazine publishing creative nonfiction by undergraduates at Susquehanna University..
    http://essaylitmag.com Visit essaylitmag.com
  14. Undergraduate Admissions | Baylor University
    undergraduate Admissions at Baylor University.
    http://gobaylor.com Visit gobaylor.com
  15. | Undergraduate Artificial Intelligence Society
    [![MIT license](https://img.shields.io/badge/License-MI T-brightgreen.svg)](https://github.com/underg raduateArtificialIntelligenceClub/website/bl ob/master/LICENSE) [![Webiste](https://img.shields.io/website?down_ color=red&down_message=down&up_color=green&u.
    http://uais.dev Visit uais.dev
  16. UCLA's Undergraduate Communication Association
    UCLA's UCA is a student-run organization that promotes interest and success in the field of communication!.
    http://ucabruins.com Visit ucabruins.com
  17. Biogenetics & Biotechnology
    Centers for Excellence in Genomic Science (CEGS) supports undergraduate summer research through the California Institute of Technology s (Caltech) Summer undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) and Minority undergraduate Research Fellowship (MURF) progra.
    http://biogenicco2.com Visit biogenicco2.com
  18. Home | JUNE | Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education
    An online journal for undergraduate neuroscience faculty that publishes peer-reviewed reports of innovations in undergraduate neuroscience education..
    http://funjournal.org Visit funjournal.org
    | | Alexa Rank6.9m
  19. The Underground – DePaul University's Undergraduate English Blog
    DePaul University's undergraduate English Blog.
    http://dpuenglish.com Visit dpuenglish.com
  20. Anthropos
    Emory University's undergraduate Anthropology Publication.
    http://anthropospublication.com Visit anthropospublication.com
  21. Cal UPHC - Home
    Cal undergraduate Public Health Coalition.
    http://caluphc.com Visit caluphc.com
  22. Welcome! – Jongseo Lee – Undergraduate Student Studying at KAIST
    undergraduate Student Studying at KAIST.
    http://leejseo.com Visit leejseo.com
  23. Self-designed Student
    Fossil of the undergraduate world....
    http://selfdesignedstudent.blogspot.com Visit selfdesignedstudent.blogspot.com
  24. Home | Michigan Journal of Business
    Welcome to the website for the world's only entirely undergraduate-run business and economics journal focusing exclusively on undergraduate research..
    http://michiganjb.org Visit michiganjb.org
  25. Ratrock Magazine
    Columbia University's undergraduate Arts Magazine. We aim to create diverse representation within the student arts from all four undergraduate colleges..
    http://ratrockmagazine.com Visit ratrockmagazine.com
  26. Bachelor study correction | thesarids.net
    undergraduate student proofreading is one of the favorite searches when students are looking for a proofreader for their undergraduate degree.
    http://thesarids.net Visit thesarids.net
  27. The Meducator – McMaster's Undergraduate Health Science Research Journal
    McMaster's undergraduate Health Science Research Journal.
    http://meducator.org Visit meducator.org
  28. The Bert & Phyllis Lamb Prize in Political Science | Rewarding undergraduate innovation and good writing.
    Rewarding undergraduate innovation and good writing..
    http://lambprize.org Visit lambprize.org
  29. metamorphosis
    undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity.
    http://coplac.org Visit coplac.org
  30. APUS – Association of Part-time Undergraduate Students
    Association of Part-time undergraduate Students.
    http://apus.ca Visit apus.ca
  31. Apex – University of Delaware Undergraduate STEM Review
    University of Delaware undergraduate STEM Review.
    http://apexatud.com Visit apexatud.com
  32. Home - オックスフォード・ブルックス大学
    undergraduate courses at Oxford Brookes University.
    http://oxfordbrookes.jp Visit oxfordbrookes.jp
  33. A free and open undergraduate class
    A free and open undergraduate class.
    http://picbod.co.uk Visit picbod.co.uk
  34. The Blue Route | International literary journal for undergraduate writers
    International literary journal for undergraduate writers.
    http://widenerblueroute.org Visit widenerblueroute.org
  35. Pratt Institute | School of Design | Undergraduate: School of Design | Undergraduate Communications Design
    http://pratt-comd.com Visit pratt-comd.com
  36. 30 North Literary Review
    30 North is an undergraduate literary review. We publish undergraduate poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and artwork in our annual print journal..
    http://30northliterarymagazine.com Visit 30northliterarymagazine.com
  37. Purdue USB
    The Computer Science undergraduate Student Board (USB) at Purdue University is the liaison between undergraduate CS/DS students and the CS department..
    http://purdueusb.com Visit purdueusb.com
  38. The Global Undergraduate Awards | #AwardYourWork
    "The world's largest academic awards programme", The Global undergraduate Awards brings together the world's top undergraduate students, leading academics, and industry leaders..
    http://undergraduateawards.com Visit undergraduateawards.com
    | | Alexa Rank1m
  39. Benjamin Fair
    undergraduate Student of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
    http://benjaminfair.com Visit benjaminfair.com
  40. International Theological Seminary
    International Theological Seminary, undergraduate and Graduate Degrees.
    http://its.edu Visit its.edu
  41. oCUBE
    oCUBE - Ontario Consortium of undergraduate Biology Educators.
    http://ocube.ca Visit ocube.ca
  42. Mosaic Art and Literary Journal – The UC Riverside Undergraduate-Run Literary Journal
    The UC Riverside undergraduate-Run Literary Journal.
    http://mosaiczine.com Visit mosaiczine.com
    | | Alexa Rank5.9m
  43. Compass Journal | An Undergraduate Journal of American Political Ideas
    An undergraduate Journal of American Political Ideas.
    http://compassjournal.org Visit compassjournal.org
  44. Jared Dantis
    Manila-based CS undergraduate and web designer..
    http://jared.gq Visit jared.gq
  45. Home | FIMS | OPENWIDE Zine
    OPENWIDE: The FIMS' Alternative undergraduate Student Publication.
    http://openwidezine.com Visit openwidezine.com
  46. HBCU-UP – Historically Black Colleges and Universities – Undergraduate Program
    Historically Black Colleges and Universities - undergraduate Program.
    http://hbcu-up.org Visit hbcu-up.org
  47. The Kenyon Observer – Kenyon's Oldest Undergraduate Political and Cultural Magazine
    Kenyon's Oldest undergraduate Political and Cultural Magazine.
    http://kenyonobserver.org Visit kenyonobserver.org
  48. LightQuantum
    CS undergraduate @SJTU-19. Coding with ♡..
    http://lightquantum.xyz Visit lightquantum.xyz
  49. Sifting and Winnowing – University of Wisconsin – Madison's Undergraduate Policy Journal
    University of Wisconsin - Madison's undergraduate Policy Journal.
    http://siftingandwinnowing.com Visit siftingandwinnowing.com
  50. Sink Hollow | Undergrad Literary Journal
    Sink Hollow is an undergraduate literary journal..
    http://sinkhollow.org Visit sinkhollow.org