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  1. Open - OPEN
    Trips open Romania offers unique trips and packages in Romania combining our in-depth experience and knowledge with expert tour leaders and professionals in their fields SEE ALL TRIPS Services open Romania DMC covers all fields of activities and ranks of.
    http://open-romaniadmc.com Visit open-romaniadmc.com
  2. Open Source Machine | Open source, Open design, Open ideas, Open minds.
    http://opensourcemachine.org Visit opensourcemachine.org
  3. Open Kitchen | Open Kitchen, Open Heart
    Where artisanal cuisine meets cozy vibe. open Kitchen serves all-day eats Monday to Friday from 11am-7pm & Thursday night dinners from 6:30-9:30pm..
    http://openkitchenmiami.com Visit openkitchenmiami.com
  4. Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors.
    open Hearts. open Minds. open Doors..
    http://reidlandumc.org Visit reidlandumc.org
  5. The Open Definition - Open Definition - Defining Open in Open Data, Open content and Open Knowledge
    The open Definition - open Definition - Defining open in open Data, open content and open Knowledge.
    http://opendefinition.org Visit opendefinition.org
    | | Alexa Rank833.5k
  6. Pressbooks | Open publishing. Open web. Open source.
    Pressbooks is a book content management system which exports in multiple formats: ebooks, webbooks, print-ready PDF, and various XML flavours..
    http://pressbooks.pub Visit pressbooks.pub
  7. Open Labour Open Labour - Open, Modern, Socialist
    open Labour stands for transformative, left-wing politics. Our socialism looks outwards to the voting public, is honest about the political challenges we face, and encourages an inclusive & pluralist ethos within the Labour Party..
    http://openlabour.org Visit openlabour.org
    | | Alexa Rank1.7m
  8. Open Schools – Open Schools for Open Societies
    open Schools for open Societies.
    http://openschools.eu Visit openschools.eu
  9. Open hearted, open minded
    Edgewood Presbyterian Church (USA) is an open and affirming congregation drawing its membership from throughout the Birmingham, Alabama metropolitan area..
    http://edgewoodpc.org Visit edgewoodpc.org
    | | Alexa Rank12.3m
  10. Connecticut Open | Connecticut Open
    Connecticut open.
    http://ctopen.org Visit ctopen.org
    | | Alexa Rank3.7m
  11. Connecticut Open | Connecticut Open
    Connecticut open.
    http://newhavenopen.com Visit newhavenopen.com
  12. OPEN-EDITIONS – open-editions
    open-EDITIONS collaborates with artists to design goods made by factories in the USA..
    http://open-editions.com Visit open-editions.com
  13. Open Acadia - Open Acadia
    open Acadia is Acadia University's home for flexible learning, including programs for youth, community, and lifelong learning audiences. Our Learning Technology & Instructional Design team supports faculty learning technologies including ACORN, survey sys.
    http://openacadia.ca Visit openacadia.ca
  14. Open Eye - Open Eye
    Välkommen till open Eye - en svensk, periodisk nättidsskrift om kultur, musik och allt annat som vi anser vara intressant i livet..
    http://openeye.se Visit openeye.se
  15. Open Horizons - Open Horizons
    An online magazine for spiritual entrepreneurs and seekers in the tradition of open and relational (process) thinking..
    http://openhorizons.org Visit openhorizons.org
  16. Open Lab | Open Lab
    open Lab is a design studio within Massey University, Wellington. A collaborative environment and practice, where specialist and emergent designers work alongside clients to realise outstanding design responses..
    http://openlab.ac.nz Visit openlab.ac.nz
  17. Open sports - Open Sports
    Tienda online de zapatillas, indumentaria deportiva y accesorios.
    http://opensports.com.ar Visit opensports.com.ar
  18. Open VILLAGE - Open Village
    Το “openVillage / Ανοιχτό Χωριό" είναι μία πρωτοβουλία που ξεκίνησε από κατοίκους του Αγίου Λαυρεντίου, με στόχο να προβάλλουν το χωριό με εκδηλώσεις που συνδέονται με την ιστορία και την αρχιτεκτονική του. Η πρωτοβουλία έτυχε ευρύτερης αποδοχής και υποστ.
    http://openvillage.gr Visit openvillage.gr
  19. Open Hand/Open Eye
    Cycling, peacemaking, environmental justice, freedom, responsibility, and sometimes whimsy.
    http://ohoe.blogspot.ca Visit ohoe.blogspot.ca
  20. Open Hand/Open Eye
    Cycling, peacemaking, environmental justice, freedom, responsibility, and sometimes whimsy.
    http://ohoe.blogspot.com Visit ohoe.blogspot.com
  21. Open Architecture | Open Architecture
    http://open-a.com Visit open-a.com
  22. Sliced Open – sliced open
    A unique and vibrant art project. High-quality, photographic prints of fruits and vegetables – common and exotic – signed and matted.
    http://slicedopen.com Visit slicedopen.com
  23. Groups · Open Tennessee · GitLab
    open Tennessee | open Data | open Source | open Community | open Government.
    http://opentennessee.org Visit opentennessee.org
  24. Open Cloud Computing Interface | Open Standard | Open Community
    The open Cloud Computing Interface comprises a set of open community-lead specifications delivered through the open Grid Forum. OCCI is a Protocol and API for all kinds of Management tasks. OCCI was originally initiated to create a remote management API f.
    http://occi-wg.org Visit occi-wg.org
    | | Alexa Rank6.3m
  25. Love Radiator – Open mind, open heart, open will
    http://loveradiator.com Visit loveradiator.com
  26. Fairfield Grace – Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors
    open Hearts, open Minds, open Doors.
    http://fairfieldgrace.org Visit fairfieldgrace.org
  27. Open Borders News | Open Borders – Open Borders News
    open Borders News | open Borders – open Borders News.
    http://openborders.news Visit openborders.news
  28. Open Software for an Open Society :: Open Software
    There’s something about “free software” that has troubled me for two and a half decades, ever since I first started using and developing free software, and thinking about it. I discussed some of my doubts with Richard Stallman, the origi.
    http://opensoftwr.org Visit opensoftwr.org
  29. Personal Education: Open Source - Open Education - Open Minds
    Clipart, Wicked Wonderful Wordies, writing, rhymes, poetry and more.
    http://runeman.org Visit runeman.org
  30. open
    a site covering the artwork of Dutch photographer Henze Boekhout. Photography is the locus of my work. a resource site for the artist-photographer Henze Boekhout..
    http://henzeboekhout.nl Visit henzeboekhout.nl
  31. Open
    We create rewarding experiences for people who look, read, and think..
    http://notclosed.com Visit notclosed.com
  32. Open
    Pinlight creates original programming..
    http://pinlight.com Visit pinlight.com
  33. OPEN
    A contemporary art gallery in Boston..
    http://galleryopen.org Visit galleryopen.org
  34. Open?
    Official website for “open?”, the Russian Federation’s participation in the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale..
    http://pavilionrus.com Visit pavilionrus.com
  35. Open
    Our signature classes are a new take on meditation. A blend of the old and the new each designed to awaken your senses, quiet the chatter, and restore you to you. We're open.
    http://o-p-e-n.com Visit o-p-e-n.com
  36. OPEN
    open is a manufacturer of performance mountain bicycle and gravel plus frames based in Basel. Founded by Andy Kessler and Gerard Vroomen in 2012, the company has received numerous awards for their innovatively designed frames..
    http://opencycle.com Visit opencycle.com
    | | Alexa Rank640.5k
  37. open...
    open source, open genomics, open content.
    http://opendotdotdot.blogspot.com Visit opendotdotdot.blogspot.com
  38. Open
    The Bible is one story that begins in a garden, ends in a city, and all the way through points to Jesus Christ. open is your guided journey through this powerful, life-transforming story..
    http://openthebible.org Visit openthebible.org
  39. open
    HC Globalは東京にて、MBAエッセイ・イン タビュー対策、翻訳、グローバル研 修を提供する会社です。.
    http://hcg-japan.com Visit hcg-japan.com
  40. open
    A catalog listing aviation memorabilia items for sale..
    http://stuffinder.com Visit stuffinder.com
  41. FOSSASIA | Asia's Open Technology Organization - Developing Open Source Software, Open Hardware, Open Design, Open Data, Open Knowledge to Improve Peo
    FOSSASIA - Developing open Source Software and open Hardware to improve people's lives. Solutions for Event Management, Artificial Intelligence. FOSSASIA is Asia's Premier open Technology Organization..
    http://fossasia.org Visit fossasia.org
    | | Alexa Rank178k
  42. Open Arms | … for open source
    ... for open source.
    http://isurugunawardana.com Visit isurugunawardana.com
  43. LostSideDead.com - Open Source, Open Mind
    LostSideDead.com provides free and open source projects programmed by Jared Bruni..
    http://lostsidedead.biz Visit lostsidedead.biz
  44. LostSideDead.com - Open Source, Open Mind
    LostSideDead.com provides free and open source projects programmed by Jared Bruni..
    http://lostsidedead.com Visit lostsidedead.com
  45. Open Data Cube | Open Source
    An open Source Geospatial Data Management & Analysis Platform.
    http://datacube.org.au Visit datacube.org.au
  46. Startseite - Designers' Open | Designers' Open
    Die Designers‘ open in Leipzig sind eine Messe für Design, Kommunikationsforum der Branche und Plattform für den Vertrieb individueller Produkte..
    http://designersopen.de Visit designersopen.de
  47. Open Learning - OpenLearn - Open University
    Free online learning from The open University. openLearn gives you free access to course materials and expert opinion on topical issues..
    http://canaconvocation.org Visit canaconvocation.org
  48. Programming, Open Source, Open Web
    Programming, open Source, open Web.
    http://makk.es Visit makk.es
  49. On & Open – On and Open
    On & open is a project to help support area small businesses and non-profits by aiding them with cash flow. These times are difficult and weird for all of us. Let's help our neighbors and our friends keep the lights on and their doors open, too. 100% of t.
    http://onandopen.com Visit onandopen.com
  50. OnderwijsInnovatie - Open Universiteit - Open Universiteit
    Lees alles over innovatie in het Nederlands en Vlaams onderwijs, in het blad OnderwijsInnovatie..
    http://onderwijsinnovatie.nl Visit onderwijsinnovatie.nl