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    Christian Fishing ministry, Outdoor ministry, Church Outreach ministry.
    http://hookedforlife.org Visit hookedforlife.org
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  2. No More Crumbs Ministry - No More Crumbs Ministry - Free Curriculum, Ministry Training, Childrens Ministry, Orphan Ministry, Prophetic Art
    No More Crumbs ministry - Free Curriculum, ministry Training, Childrens ministry, Orphan ministry, Prophetic Art.
    http://nomorecrumbsministry.org Visit nomorecrumbsministry.org
  3. Andy Lawrenson - Ministry, Student Ministry, Ministry Coaching
    Andy Lawrenson shares ministry insights on his blog as well as offers ministry coaching..
    http://andylawrenson.com Visit andylawrenson.com
  4. The HUMFREYS | From His. To Ours. To Yours.
    Christel Humfrey | Clint Humfrey | Pastor, Couple, ministry, Gospel, Womens ministry, Pastoral ministry.
    http://thehumfreys.com Visit thehumfreys.com
  5. Heartside Ministry | Heartside Ministry
    Heartside ministry provides a safe place for those experiencing homelessness by offering Christian hospitality through educational opportunities, artistic expression, advocacy, pastoral care and a place to belong..
    http://heartside.org Visit heartside.org
  6. Samaritan Ministry | Samaritan Ministry
    Samaritan ministry is a faith-based AIDS Service Organization that was founded in 1996. This ministry operates under the auspices of Central Baptist Church of Bearden in Knoxville, Tennessee. Samaritan ministry is supported through a network of religious,.
    http://samaritancentral.org Visit samaritancentral.org
  7. Awaken International Ministries
    ministry in San Antonio Prophetic ministry.
    http://awakentohim.com Visit awakentohim.com
  8. Church religious Organization
    Five Fold ministry, Education, Apostolic ministry.
    http://nftwcc.org Visit nftwcc.org
  9. Home | DrmsrossAs One Follows Christ | Msrministry.com | United States
    Spiritual ministry. Personal ministry. Helps spiritually. MSRministry.com.
    http://lwcf.com Visit lwcf.com
  10. Marketplace Ministry | Sozo Ministry | Prison Ministry | Co-Labor
    Our marketplace teams bring revival to the boardroom, working with business owners and leaders to partner with God for breakthrough in their cities..
    http://colaborministries.org Visit colaborministries.org
  11. Bible Ministry, Church Ministry, Student Ministry - Memphis, TN
    Grace Community Church in Shelby Forrest is a church that welcomes believers to come together for worship services and bible study..
    http://gograce.net Visit gograce.net
  12. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD | This is a Ministry of Oasis Bible Ministry, a Fundamental Full-Gospel Bible Teaching Ministry
    This is a ministry of Oasis Bible ministry, a Fundamental Full-Gospel Bible Teaching ministry.
    http://forgodslove52.com Visit forgodslove52.com
  13. Ministry
    The Cherwell Valley Benefice group of Churches includes the six parishes of: St Mary Ardley with Fewcott, St Olave Fritwell, St Mary Lower Heyford and Caulcott, St James Somerton, The Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary (St Mary) Souldern and St Mary.
    http://cherwellvalleybenefice.org.uk Visit cherwellvalleybenefice.org.uk
  14. Delta State Ministry Of Justice Official Website
    Delta State, ministry Of Justice, legal, ministry, Justice.
    http://deltastateministryofjustice.com.ng Visit deltastateministryofjustice.com.ng
  15. The Youth Ministry Blog | Free Youth Ministry Lessons for your Student Ministry
    Free Youth ministry Lessons for your Student ministry.
    http://theyouthministryblog.com Visit theyouthministryblog.com
  16. Mens Ministry - Wild Game Dinners and Whitetail Seminar
    Mens ministry Hunting, Men's ministry, African Photo Safari.
    http://wadenolan.com Visit wadenolan.com
  17. Family Ministry | Ministry to Parents
    We help churches build an excellent ministry to parents by providing resources to children's and youth ministries..
    http://ministry-to-parents.com Visit ministry-to-parents.com
  18. Children's Ministry | Building Children's Ministry
    Building Children's ministry helps build strong teams, leaders and ministries. We offer curriculum, training, consultations and other resources..
    http://buildingchildrensministry.com Visit buildingchildrensministry.com
  19. Ministry | Amazing Grace AIDS Ministry
    Amazing Grace AIDS ministry is dedicated to serving the country of Malawi to combat the spread of AIDS in local communities..
    http://agaidsministry.org Visit agaidsministry.org
  20. Just Ministry - Ministry, Church, Evangelical
    Just ministry is a blog and podcast dedicated to helping churches, pastors, and Christians in the area of practical ministry..
    http://justministry.org Visit justministry.org
  21. Christ Cares - Urban Ministry & Resourcing, Reconciliation Ministry, Internet Ministry
    CHRIST CARES is a Christian Organization that provides meaningful volunteer opportunities for Christians - this also empowers wonderful ministries. ChristCares.org promotes reconciliation, communication, and collaboration in the Body of Christ believing t.
    http://christcares.org Visit christcares.org
  22. Bible Ministry, Church Ministry, Student Ministry - Fort Myers, FL
    crossway baptist church in Fort Myers is a church ministry welcoming believers of different faiths to come together for worship services and bible study..
    http://crosswaybaptistchurch.org Visit crosswaybaptistchurch.org
  23. Dallas Metro
    Dallas Metro is an Inner City Children's ministry that does Sidewalk Sunday School, Bus ministry and Urban Youth ministry..
    http://dallasmetro.net Visit dallasmetro.net
  24. Disciples Unlimited - Home
    The ministry home for Tim Hawkins - leadership, discipleship, youth ministry.
    http://disciplesunlimited.com Visit disciplesunlimited.com
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  25. Archangel Raphael Ministry
    The Archangel Raphael ministry is a Special Needs Children's ministry..
    http://copticangel.org Visit copticangel.org
  26. Paul4Jesus Ministry
    Paul4Jesus ministry and the ministry of Paul Nadon aka Paul4Jesus..
    http://paul4jesus-ministry.org Visit paul4jesus-ministry.org
  27. Youth Ministry Entertainment
    Youth ministry, Gospel Hip Hop, Community Support, Christian Youth ministry.
    http://y-ment.com Visit y-ment.com
  28. New Road Church Austintown Ohio
    New Road Church of Austintown Ohio providessermons and information about Pastor Tom Dooley and children's ministry, men's ministry, women's ministry..
    http://newroadnews.com Visit newroadnews.com
  29. Permanent Mission of Uganda to the United Nations, New York
    ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Republic of Uganda, Jobs at ministry of Foreign Affairs, Uganda, ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
    http://mofa.go.ug Visit mofa.go.ug
    | | Alexa Rank528.7k
  30. Bible Ministry, Church Ministry, Student Ministry - north Las Vegas, NV
    discovery church in north Las Vegas is a church ministry welcoming believers of different faiths to come together for worship services and bible study..
    http://discoverynlv.com Visit discoverynlv.com
  31. Altered Stories Ministry - Women's Ministry, God Stories | Altered Stories Ministry
    Altered Stories is a women's ministry for women who need to hear how God altered other women's lives and how He can alter yours!.
    http://alteredstories.org Visit alteredstories.org
  32. Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine & Storage | GOI
    ministry of agriculture,farmer potal, ministry of agriculture and farmers welfare.
    http://ppqs.gov.in Visit ppqs.gov.in
  33. HOME | Ahines-Ministries
    Training Adjutants in ministry, Preaching God's Word, Marketplace Community Service ministry.
    http://ahinesministries.com Visit ahinesministries.com
  34. Faithful Friends Nursing Home Ministry - Home Page
    Faithful Friends Nursing Home ministry -Christian ministry Resources, devotionals, newsletter, links.
    http://faithfulfriends.org Visit faithfulfriends.org
  35. International Prison Ministry International Prison Ministry
    The mission and calling of International prison ministry is to share God’s love to prisoners by proclaiming His freedom-giving truth (Isaiah 61:1)..
    http://chaplainray.com Visit chaplainray.com
    | | Alexa Rank6.8m
  36. Joint Youth Ministry - Joint Youth Ministry
    If you are thinking of checking out the Joint Youth ministry, please fill out the online form below. This helps us get to know a bit about you (Or your student) and gives us the information we need....
    http://jointyouthgroup.com Visit jointyouthgroup.com
  37. Luzuriaga Family Ministry | Luzuriaga Family Ministry
    Luzuriagafamily.com Missionary ministry.
    http://luzuriagafamily.com Visit luzuriagafamily.com
  38. Ministry of Web - Ministry of Web
    Wir haben uns spezialisiert auf die Entwicklung von Webanwendungen in PHP sowie die Administration von Linux-Servern. Wir arbeiten seit 1998 mit PHP und anderen Technologien die im Web-Umfeld eingesetzt werden. Wir besitzen außerdem über 15 Jahre Erfahrun.
    http://ministryofweb.de Visit ministryofweb.de
  39. Epworth Furniture Ministry | Epworth Furniture Ministry
    http://furnitureministry.org Visit furnitureministry.org
  40. Children's Ministry Training | Children's Ministry Volunteers
    Let Bring Them In Ministries help you make the most of your Children's ministry! We offer local Children's ministry training and seminars!.
    http://bringthemin.com Visit bringthemin.com
  41. Art Ministry | Created Ministry | United States
    Created ministry empowers people to use the creative arts as a way to connect with God personally and reach their communties with hope, love and healing. Created offers art ministry sessions, camps, retreats, and offers onsite and online training to becom.
    http://artfullycreated.org Visit artfullycreated.org
  42. Ria Music Ministry - Ria Music Ministry
    Ria Music ministry - Catholic Music that inspires, teaches and worships..
    http://riamusic.org Visit riamusic.org
  43. Ministry of Tourism | Ministry of Tourism
    The ministry of tourism of tourism and aviation provides public accountabilty and effective stewardshio for the Belizean identity and economic growth..
    http://tourism.gov.bz Visit tourism.gov.bz
  44. Youth Ministry Resources - Youth Ministry Resources
    Youth ministry Resources.
    http://youthministryresources.org Visit youthministryresources.org
  45. Youth Ministry Answers | Youth Ministry Podcast
    Youth ministry Podcast.
    http://ymanswers.com Visit ymanswers.com
  46. Fire and Ice Ministries River of Life Fellowship
    Revival and Discipleship ministry, church, youth ministry, worship, prayer, Church in Revival.
    http://fnirevival.com Visit fnirevival.com
  47. Ministry of Defence
    ministry of Defence . Government of Nepal ministry of Defence Singhadurbar, Kathmandu, Nepal.
    http://mod.gov.np Visit mod.gov.np
  48. 我心旋律 - 首頁
    Melody of My Heart ministry, based in California.. Chinese Christian Music ministry.
    http://momh.org Visit momh.org
    | | Alexa Rank1.8m
  49. About - 4D-Sport
    4D Motorsports ministry 4 Dimensions of MotorSPORT ministry - Mission | Messaging | Mentoring | Management.
    http://4d-sport.com Visit 4d-sport.com
  50. Fairview Baptist Church |
    Fairview, Baptist, Church, Lindale, Georgia, Kid's ministry, Student ministry, Worship, Special Friends,.
    http://fairviewlindale.com Visit fairviewlindale.com