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  1. Technovative Applications | Technovative Applications
    Technovative applications develops radar interferometers for the United States Department of Defense and Homeland Security.
    http://tnov.com Visit tnov.com
  2. Applications
    Apply online to feature your products or produce at our markets..
    http://roleystonemarkets.org.au Visit roleystonemarkets.org.au
  3. Applications
    http://applications.ge Visit applications.ge
    | | Alexa Rank403.5k
  4. HEW Life Applications - Mobile Applications
    Mobile applications designed to make life fun and easier..
    http://hewlifeapplications.com Visit hewlifeapplications.com
  5. 21 Applications | websites and applications
    websites and applications.
    http://21applications.com Visit 21applications.com
  6. Free Android Applications and Paid Android Applications - Android Applications
    Android Market, Android Apps, Android applications, OS Android, Media Widget, Messages Widget, Browser Widget, Voice Widget, Shortcuts Widget, Wardrobe Apps, Wardrobe Calls, Body Dots, Antonio Tonev, Thermo, Thermometer, Alarm, Windows, Google Chrome Exte.
    http://tonee.org Visit tonee.org
  7.  Kidz Learn Applications - Kidz Learn Applications
    “Kidz Learn applications” is an educational tool available in iOS, Amazon Kindle, Black Berry and Google Play app store.These applications help kids to foster learning in Computer Science, General Science, Awareness and Math’s. The audio in many applicat.
    http://kidzlearn.co Visit kidzlearn.co
  8. Développement Applications Android -Développement Applications Android
    http://developpement-applications-android.com Visit developpement-applications-android.com
  9. D-ESPAT Applications Engineering Software Applications
    D-ESPAT was established to serve the domain of niche applications in the realm of engineering software applications, specially focused on Product Design review and Early Manufacturing Analysis and small, high drain, light weight environment.
    http://despat.com Visit despat.com
  10. Sites internet, applications mobiles, applications web
    Sites internet, applications mobiles, applications web.
    http://alphazero.net Visit alphazero.net
  11. Web Applications, Android Applications, iOS Applications, Web & Mobile Marketing, Google Certified
    Web applications, Android applications, iOS applications, IBM AS400 applications, Web & Mobile Marketing, Google Street View Business.
    http://adamkey.com Visit adamkey.com
  12. Oracle Applications
    This website is for Oracle Apps and Oracle Developer's both Budding , Newbie to Oracle and Oracle applications those who want to become Apps Developer's..
    http://knoworacle.com Visit knoworacle.com
  13. Hamburg Applications
    - Ein weiterer WordPress-Blog.
    http://hamburg-applications.com Visit hamburg-applications.com
  14. Mobile Applications -
    Mobile applications ATBS Apps! ATBS has Native Ticketing apps for iOS and Android The brand new Cellseats App for iOS and Android is a full featured ticket buying experience. With all Events, Performers, Venues and more found on your Ticketing site availa.
    http://cellseats.com Visit cellseats.com
  15. Agility Applications |
    Agility applications is a market-leader in the management and integration of data. Servicing the financial services industry for more than 11 years, we offer off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions, in addition to consulting and managed technology services..
    http://agilityapplications.com Visit agilityapplications.com
  16. Airline Applications
    Airline Apps provides the online application for pilots and others seeking a career in the airline industry..
    http://airlineapps.com Visit airlineapps.com
    | | Alexa Rank324.7k
  17. AFK Applications
    Top Notch Android and iOS Development!.
    http://afkapps.com Visit afkapps.com
    | | Alexa Rank16.2m
  18. Internet Applications
    Live streaming! Company cooperating with Adidas, Reebok, GoldbachInteractive, Media Republic, Rebell etc..
    http://doromi.net Visit doromi.net
  19. Mobile applications
    Mobile applications.
    http://borisgames.com Visit borisgames.com
  20. Voice Applications
    Realtime voice applications. Notes about Unified Communications, CTI, call-centers; open-source VoIP (Asterisk, Freeswitch, Kamailio); with test automation, and scaled container (docker) apps..
    http://andrius.mobi Visit andrius.mobi
  21. Applications Collaboratives
    Pour capitaliser nos connaissances sur les logiciels collaboratifs et les applications collaboratives. Comprendre ce monde digital en mutation..
    http://application-collaborative.blogspot.fr Visit application-collaborative.blogspot.fr
  22. Applications créatives
    création d'applications pour iPhone et iPad dans les domaines de la connaissance de soi..
    http://applications-creatives.com Visit applications-creatives.com
  23. Cook Applications
    Cook applications is devoted to developing health and fitness mobile apps for the Android platform. Currently we have a weight lifting app, a kettlebell training app, and a body measurement log app..
    http://cookapplications.com Visit cookapplications.com
  24. 2all applications
    Site description.
    http://2all.net Visit 2all.net
  25. web applications
    welcome to 123 web apps. We will add new web applications to this page often, so check back for some cool javascript applications..
    http://123webapps.com Visit 123webapps.com
  26. 4Fig Applications
    Learn to recognize the most common helicopters, fighters, bombers and other aircraft of all eras, from WWI to Actual Time and more..
    http://4figapps.com Visit 4figapps.com
    | | Alexa Rank19.8m
  27. Ablaze Applications !
    Ablaze applications is a software company based in Pune,India, evolving at an outstanding pace with the technology. We provide IT solutions on developing intigrated, unique and costomized Web applications, Websites, Mobile application.
    http://ablazeapplications.com Visit ablazeapplications.com
  28. Addison Applications
    Shopify Development, Migrations, Conversion Rate Optimization & App Development.
    http://addisonapplications.com Visit addisonapplications.com
  29. Mobile Applications
    Get links and news for Mobile applications..
    http://publicvoid.com Visit publicvoid.com
  30. Crop Applications
    Crop applications. App development for iPhone, iPad and Android devices..
    http://cropapplications.com Visit cropapplications.com
  31. Relief Applications
    We are a team of humanitarian and IT experts with the right balance of humanitarian, programming and project management skills to deliver the optimum solution to your organisation..
    http://reliefapplications.org Visit reliefapplications.org
  32. Relief Applications
    We are a team of humanitarian and IT experts with the right balance of humanitarian, programming and project management skills to deliver the optimum solution to your organisation..
    http://reliefapps.org Visit reliefapps.org
  33. Ogma Applications
    Ogma Inc. is a full service IT solutions agency.We take an individual approach to each customer and each project. We have more than ⑳ years experience..
    http://ogmainc.com Visit ogmainc.com
  34. Nautical Applications
    Nautical Calculator and Radar Plotting, Android and Ios apps Navigation solving calculator for students, teachers and officers..
    http://nauticapps.com Visit nauticapps.com
  35. Net Applications
    Maximize Data Minimize Risk.
    http://netapplications.com Visit netapplications.com
    | | Alexa Rank2.1m
  36. Oracle Applications
    http://oracleapps88.blogspot.com Visit oracleapps88.blogspot.com
  37. Immersive Applications
    applications by Immersive applications.
    http://immersiveapplications.com Visit immersiveapplications.com
  38. Industrial Applications
    Industrial applications provides knowledge, service and products worldwide for the control and efficient use of steam and other industrial fluids..
    http://industrialapplications.net Visit industrialapplications.net
  39. Earlybird Applications
    Earlybird applications...because the early bird catches the good software. Creator of Contact Alarm, iTunesSnarl, NightTunes and FlickrDrive.
    http://earlybirdapplications.com Visit earlybirdapplications.com
  40. Datafog· Applications
    Datafog applications delivers web and mobile digital marketing, web development, mobile app development and digital signage for small business..
    http://datafog.com Visit datafog.com
  41. Web Applications
    Web applications, Ever, Wonder, Your, Website, Just, Wasn, Working, Have, Great, Business, Products, Services, That, People, Want, Seem, Attract, Them, Convert, Into, Clients, Build, Buyers, Confidence, Excel.
    http://fisheyesoupsites.com Visit fisheyesoupsites.com
  42. Polemics Applications
    Hi! Check out our work, and get in touch below. Featured Works Our Work Hire Us Working since 2012 Team Polemics has published over 135 apps to iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Work With Us Our skills and specialities include iOS, Android, SEO, Web Design,.
    http://polemicsapps.com Visit polemicsapps.com
  43. Microsys Applications
    Microsys is a software development company specialized in designing games and utilities for Windows and Android.
    http://microsys.ro Visit microsys.ro
  44. Meteor Applications
    Meteor applications does high quality application development, with an emphasis on mobile applications and relevant web portals. We do professional work quickly with consistently positive customer response..
    http://meteorapplications.com Visit meteorapplications.com
  45. MobileFirst Applications
    We helped build solutions for Volkswagen, NFL & NHL Teams, Taj Hotels, Arvind Group, and oth­ers..
    http://mobilefirst.in Visit mobilefirst.in
    | | Alexa Rank4.5m
  46. LNA Applications
    LNA applications - applications for iOS, Android and tvOS..
    http://lnaapplications.com Visit lnaapplications.com
  47. Logic Applications
    iPhone and iPod game and app development company.
    http://logicapplications.net Visit logicapplications.net
  48. Lionheart Applications
    We are a specialist design and development studio in Bristol who focus on commercial iOS & Android applications and their supporting infrastructure. Get in touch today to see if we can help you realise your digital strategy and create an awesome produc.
    http://lionheartapplications.com Visit lionheartapplications.com
  49. Space Applications
    Aerospace, security markets & related industries.
    http://spaceapplications.com Visit spaceapplications.com
  50. Sperensis Applications
    Hey. We make apps. Known for our top 100 ranking apps including Crypto Monitor..
    http://sperensis.com Visit sperensis.com
    | | Alexa Rank10.4m