Similar Sites API

We provide an API for developers. The API returns up to twenty similar websites to a given URL in JSON format. If a URL does not exist in our database, our bot will automatically find the similar sites to it. The following is the format of the API request for anonymous users:{domain}

The placeholder {domain} specifies the URL to search for. It must only contain numbers, alphabets, and symbol '.'. Don't include 'http://' or 'https://' in the URL. The following is an example that returns similar websites to :

The anonymous API only allows limited number of requests per day. If you want to use more requests, please apply for the API key. We provide free service to API key holders. However, you need to send us your reasons for using this service by contacting us. When approved, we will send you a link to the new API. If our service is being abused, we will terminate the account without notice.

All API users must display a link to in any page that uses whole or part of data returned by the API.