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Title: Open.
Description: The Bible is one story that begins in a garden, ends in a city, and all the way through points to Jesus Christ. Open is your guided journey through this powerful, life-transforming story..
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  1. Riverside Bible Camp
    We are a Lutheran Bible Camp in Story City, IA dedicated to "knowing Jesus Christ and making Christ known to all.". Visit
    | 32% Similarity
  2. As For Me And My Haus
    This is the story of our family life. It's a little bit of everything along the way towards meeting Christ Jesus in person.. Visit
    | 32% Similarity
  3. MCT Drama Ministry - Home
    Jesus knew the power of a good story. Experience them in a dynamic, new way. Magic Carpet Theatre is pleased to offer two, dynamic performances through our Drama Ministry which brings scripture to life in a refreshing, theatrical and powerful way.. Visit
    | 32% Similarity
  4. Bible Journaling Journey – Open the Word. Open your heart. The Bible Journaling Journey begins.
    Open the Word. Open your heart. The Bible Journaling Journey begins.. Visit
    | 32% Similarity
  5. Follow Jesus | discipleship | Walking With Jesus Bible Study Series
    Bible study about Jesus, Life of Christ, learn about Jesus Christ Take a journey with Jesus through His life and teachings to become more like Him.. Visit
    | 32% Similarity
  6. Welcome to Perceptions Photography
    Life is the greatest journey you will ever be on! A beautiful way to recognize this journey is to tell your story through the photography and services we offer. Whether it’s your beautiful wedding day, the birth of a baby, a graduation, promotion or speci. Visit
    | 32% Similarity
  7. Home | Batavia First Presbyterian Church
    Batavia First Presbyterian Church is a Christian community that is dedicated to transforming lives by being in relationship with God through the way and teachings of Jesus Christ. All are welcome in our community of faith.. Visit
    | 32% Similarity
    Road to the Alter is the story of one mans journey through Weddingland.. Visit
    | 32% Similarity
  9. Life in Connection | Escondido, CA | Cross Connection Church
    We are a bible-teaching, evangelical church in Escondido, CA, striving to live life in connection with God, one another, and the world, through Jesus Christ. Visit
    | 32% Similarity | Alexa Rank8m
  10. St Timothy's Anglican Church | Toronto, Ontario
    Living our Faith in Jesus Christ through Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Arms. Join us for worship this Sunday!. Visit
    | 32% Similarity
  11. Dancing Through the Tulips
    is the story of one family's journey through life with a very special child with Down syndrome and a complicated medical history and how we have learned to DANCE through the tulips.. Visit
    | 32% Similarity
  12. Home | The Living Truth Fellowship
    Jesus Christ is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Jesus relentlessly affirmed that the written Word of God is absolute Truth, and that in it are the keys to a purposeful, powerful, joyful, and peaceful life. Got Truth?. Visit
    | 32% Similarity
  13. Erris Speaks
    A Long Story Short, In this blog I hope to open my crazy life to you, something that is hard for me to do generally, in the hopes that we all learn something –. Visit
    | 32% Similarity
  14. The Life of Jesus Christ - The Life of Jesus Christ - Son of God
    This documentary tells the story of Jesus Christ in a neutral way. Perfect for Jesus believers, students, non-believers, Muslims and Jews.. Visit
    | 32% Similarity
  15. Orcutt Baptist Church | Welcome
    I'm New - Connecting Christ To The Peninsula And Beyond By Telling His Story, Teaching His Way, And Transforming Lives Through His Love.                   . Visit
    | 32% Similarity
  16. Home - YoDoodle
    Tell Your Story Through Doodles. Doodle On. GET YOUR DOODLE Everyone has a story to tell. The hard part? Telling your story in a way that is genuine and not... what's the word... boring! YoDoodle strives for authenticity and originality. By using doodli. Visit
    | 32% Similarity
  17. Journey Church Cape Breton | Come Join Our Family!
    Journey Church Cape Breton is a Christ-centered church that believes in strong families and living out a Holy Spirit filled life through the abundant grace of Jesus.. Visit
    | 32% Similarity
  18. Only Believe! – Jesus is the only answer.
    Hi and welcome to my website. Many have asked to hear my story, so in these pages I'll try take you through some of the events of my life. A powerful testimony about the love and power of my Lord Jesus Christ. And all that He has done in my life. Hallelu. Visit
    | 32% Similarity
  19. Bray Park Community Church – Jesus is for everybody
    We are a group of people from all walks of life who have been changed by the love of God in Jesus Christ. No matter what your story has been so far, you are welcome to join us as we journey together to discover the life and hope that is found in Jesus.. Visit
    | 32% Similarity
  20. Home
    Proclaiming Christ to all. Serving Jesus in Perth, and Glorifying God through preaching of the Bible.. Visit
    | 32% Similarity
  21. HOME - Virginia Beach United Methodist Church
    Bring your kids to Worship this Sunday and experience the love of Jesus. Explore with us how the Bible is relevant to your life today and walk away challenged to live with Passion, Power, and Purpose through faith in Jesus Christ.. Visit
    | 32% Similarity | Alexa Rank834.9k
  22. Church For All Internet Church
    Church For All is a full-fledged Internet church -- open to all believers. We are here to help people through the love of Jesus Christ and His Word.. Visit
    | 32% Similarity
  23. Chinese Southern Baptist Church
    We believe that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. We strive to submit to the authority of the Bible in all our ministries. Our primary goal is to make disciples of Jesus Christ who are passionate for His glory.. Visit
    | 32% Similarity
  24. Journey Ministry
    Journey Ministry is the teaching ministry of Mary Southerland. Through the teaching of God's word, Mary encourages women to live a fully alive life through Christ Jesus. Journey Ministry books and Bible studies are taught on live social media and at confe. Visit
    | 32% Similarity
    TLIVELLER is a story of people who travel and live on a journey. We’re exploring and interpreting the true meaning of life through the philosophy that .. Visit
    | 32% Similarity
  26. Tim Courtois – Licensed Professional Counselor
    Your life is a story. But are you living the story you would have chosen for yourself? You may be trapped in a familiar script that is no longer working for you. A rereading of your story can open your eyes to tired old scripts that you've been reenacting. Visit
    | 32% Similarity
  27. Be One
    Welcome to this website. Be One is a window into one man's journey to self discovery through meditation and right thinking and the amazing improvements to life in all areas that resulted. Visit
    | 25% Similarity
  28. ReminiSense | Sensory stories for people living with dementia
     The ReminiSense project is all about engaging people with dementia in a sensory way. It aims to support interaction, reminiscence and well-being through sensory storytelling.  What is a sensory story? A sensory story is a short story shared out loud with. Visit
    | 25% Similarity
  29. Kendra's World
    This blog was created to be the story of a special needs baby and her journey through life. Now it is the journey of her mother coming to terms with her loss.. Visit
    | 25% Similarity
  30. Neal E. Johnson
    Life is a journey // This is my story.. Visit
    | 25% Similarity
  31. Livingwater Lighthouse Fellowship
    Livingwater Lighthouse Fellowship believes that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation, that the bible is the true word of God and that it is God's will to save all that receive His Son, Jesus Christ.. Visit
    | 25% Similarity
  32. Home |
    Website of Matthew (Brender) Broberg. Matt is an advocate for open source software. He specializes in designing technology communities that develop products and content in a way that tells a powerful story.. Visit
    | 25% Similarity
  33. Carla Swank Fox – Strategic Communication and Social Media
    Making my way through the world, one story at a time.. Visit
    | 25% Similarity
  34. Flourishing People, Flourishing Lives –
    You are the star, the hero of your life story As the lotus grows from mud up through water to flower in the light, your life journey can take you from now to understanding and joy. We help people chart their way through life changes. A guide with insight . Visit
    | 25% Similarity
  35. Always Hope Creative | Filmmakers | Storytellers | Saint Albans, WV
    Moments in your life are just stories waiting to be told! Let us bring your story to life through our lens. Shoot us a message and let's chat about bringing your story to life in a beautiful way!. Visit
    | 25% Similarity
  36. Calvary Baptist Church
    Calvary is a church located in Lake Havasu City, Arizona that exists to lead people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ through the love of His people and the power of His truth.. Visit
    | 25% Similarity
  37. Journey to Bethlehem: Home
    Treat your entire family to a life Journey to Bethlehem. Become part of the true story of Christmas as you travel back in time and experience the people, places, and circumstances that surrounded the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ.. Visit
    | 25% Similarity
  38. Handfuls of Hope
    Handfuls of Hope is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty in the Dominican Republic - through education and the life-changing power that comes through faith in Jesus Christ.. Visit
    | 25% Similarity
  39. Brock Scott Photography San Diego | R. Brock Scott
    In every image, there is a story to be told. Your Life | Your Business | The Passions You Pursue | Moments That Define Your Journey. Visit
    | 25% Similarity
  40. An Inconvenient Life – Letting go of the life I was expected to lead.
    One journey ends and another begins in an inconvenet life.. Visit
    | 25% Similarity
  41. Welcome - Restoring Hearts Ministries
    Restoring Hearts Ministries of Trenton is an evangelistic Christian ministry that is in the business of bringing hope to the hopeless by shining the light of Jesus Christ into the darkness through evangelism, study of the Bible and walking through life wi. Visit
    | 25% Similarity
  42. New York City Church of Christ
    New York City Church of Christ is a fellowship of believers who love God and each other. We believe that the Bible is the word of God and is a marvelous guide for daily living. We appreciate the forgiveness that comes through Jesus Christ and are eager to. Visit
    | 25% Similarity | Alexa Rank5.9m
  43. Tony Heath Transamerica
    One "old" mans story of a 6 month motorcycle journey through the Americas.. Visit
    | 25% Similarity
  44. All Things Real: The Blog, An Open Journal of Experiences
    All Things Real: The Blog is an open journal dedicated to the sophisticated and complicated. The classy and the sassy. The woman who is seeking clarity in her journey through life, love, and faith. This is a place just for YOU. Stop by when you need a. Visit
    | 25% Similarity
  45. Long Beach Garden Home
    Long Beach Garden Home is 4-story, 106,000 approx. sq feet project in downtown Long Beach, CA scheduled to open late 2019. Find city living, complete with your own private gym, downstairs retail and a peaceful rooftop garden to take in the sights that cen. Visit
    | 25% Similarity
  46. Historic Ramsey House
    Ramsey House is a 1797 historic house museum open to the public through guided tours.. Visit
    | 25% Similarity