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Title: SDGs - Ceny SDGs.
Description: „Oceňujeme projekty, které přispívají k naplňování Cílů udržitelného rozvoje (SDGs) a mění Česko a svět k lepšímu.” „Hledáme inovativní projekty s pozitivním dopadem na společnost i planetu.” Cíle udržitelného rozvoje – Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs.
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  1. GET UP AND GOALS | Globální rozvojové vzdělávání
    Tříletý mezinárodní projekt globálního rozvojového vzdělávání zaměřený na Cíle udržitelného rozvoje.. Visit
    | 22% Similarity
  2. 日本SDGs協会
    SDGs, SDGsとは, 日本SDGs協会, 認定, SDGs認定, SDGs協会. Visit
    | 19% Similarity
  3. Alternative Universe I Social Infrastructure Development I ASIA
    Alternative algorithms toward Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) via Social Infrastructure Development in Thailand and Asia. Visit
    | 19% Similarity
  4. UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development
    UKSSD brings organisations together to accelerate progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the UK. Visit
    | 19% Similarity
  5. African Youth SDGs Summit – Africa's Largest Youth Summit on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
    . Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  6. Asia Pacific Youth Exchange Thailand
    Asia Pacific Youth Exchange is a program to enable youth to understand their roles towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  7. Mozaika metodik a indikátorů udržitelného rozvoje
    Portál „Mozaika“ s přehledem dokumentů, metodik a norem se vztahem k udržitelnému rozvoji. Portál vytvořila a spravuje Národní síť Zdravých měst ČR ve spolupráci s Univerzitou Karlovou.. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  8. AIM2Flourish
    AIM2Flourish is the world’s first global initiative steering future business leaders towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and a…. Visit
    | 17% Similarity | Alexa Rank1m
  9. SDG National Reporting Initiative | SDG National Reporting Initiative
    The SDG National Reporting Initiative facilitates greater information-sharing for reporting on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).. Visit
    | 17% Similarity | Alexa Rank6.7m
  10. AgriSmart, Inc. Côte d’Ivoire | Sustainable Agriculture #SDGs #IvoryCoast #DRC #PalmOil
    AgriSmart, Inc. Côte d'Ivoire is impact investing in sustainable agriculture realizing the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa. #SDGs #CIV #ZeroHunger. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  11. Project 2030 - Initiative to save the planet
    Project2030 is a student organization promoting sustainable living and UN SDGs. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  12. BUSINESS FOR 2030
    The Business for 2030 site showcases business' past and continuing contributions to sustainable development through initiatives relating to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).. Visit
    | 17% Similarity | Alexa Rank3.4m
  13. SDGsアウトサイドインカードゲーム
    「SDGsアウトサイドイン・カードゲ ーム」は、世界が直面する環境問題 や社会課題をビジネスの力で解決す ることにチャレンジし、新たなイノ ベーションで持続可能な社会を目指 すことを学べるカードゲームです。 合い言葉は、「ネクスト・イノベー ション!」。 企業の役員、社員、社会起業家、そ して起業を準備しているあなたも、 ひとりの「起業家」として、SDGsが 標とする次のイノベーションへ、 舵を切りましょう!. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  14. Our SDGs
    World leaders have committed to 17 global goals to help achieve extraordinary things over the next 15 years. Welcome to the New Zealand & Pacific information portal for transforming our world.. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  15. SDGs PK
    "The new agenda must become part of the contract between people, including civil society and responsible business, and their governments — national and local.". Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  16. Startseite Nachhaltig entwickeln - Nachhaltig entwickeln - Deutsche Gesellschaft für die Vereinten Nationen e.V.
    Die Agenda 2030 für nach­haltige Ent­wick­lung mit ihren 17 Zielen für nachhaltige Entwicklung (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs) ist der globale Aktions­plan für eine bessere Welt. Die SDGs sind Nachfolger der MDGs und bringen wirtschaftliche und sozi. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  17. YKCenter – Acclerating the SDGs
    Acclerating the SDGs. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  18. Home - Blockchain For SDG - Blog and Forum for Blockchain and the SDG
    Blockchain technology and its uses for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Blog and Forum to share knowledge and discuss. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  19. Maanch | Matching for Impact
    Maanch: the first global impact platform to facilitate funding to worthy projects using the UN Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs.. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  20. 1 Million for 1 Billion
    1 Million For 1 Billion (1M1B), is a social innovation and future skills initiative aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  21. Scotland's Platform for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
    Home to SDG Network Scotland, we want Scotland to be a world leader in championing and delivering the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  22. SDGs For Children | Community
    SDGs For Children, Community. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  23. Impakter The largest platform for Sustainable News and Products
    Impakter is the largest platform for news, articles, interviews as well as sustainable products. See our article about 17 Sustainable Development Goals SDGs. Visit
    | 17% Similarity | Alexa Rank505.9k
  24. SDGs Solution Hub
    SDGs Solution Hub is one of the components of Japan’s ‘STI for SDGs Platform’.SDGs Solution Hub collects and shares information on Japan’s STI seeds that can potentially work as compelling solutions for social issues as well as global and local SDGs needs. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  25. Evelyne Huber-Reitan - Work Ability-, CSR–Beraterin und -Trainerin und Sustainability Publizistin
    Als Work Ability-, CSR-Beraterin und -Trainerin und Sustainability Publizistin arbeite ich im Sinne der Umsetzung der Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  26. ASEAN SDGs-Frontrunner Cities Programme | Thailand
    The ASEAN SDGs Frontrunner Cities Programme (SDGs-FC) is a new initiative under the ASEAN Working Group on Environmentally Sustainable Cities (AWGESC) funded by the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF).. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  27. SDGs市民社会ネットワーク /SDGs Japan
    「持続可能な開発目標(SDGs)」の 成を目指し、その実現に取り組む 120団体が加盟している日本唯一のCS Oのネットワークです。. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  28. DSD ASSO - Shaping Goals For Sustainable Future
    DSD ASSO Shaping Goals For Sustainable Future More Info Sustainable Development Goals Often referred to as Global goals, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are universal strategies deployed in a bid to end poverty, provide planet protection and ensure. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  29. Nagrik Foundation – Strengthening Dialogue & Action on SDGs
    Strengthening Actions & Dialogue on SDGs. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  30. HEADQUARTERS - World War Zero | Waging Peace | Fighting for ZERO
    World War Zero is an edutainment company dedicated to advancing the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - especially goal 13, climate change ACTION!. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  31. ZŠ a MŠ Stará Ves - Úvod
    Webové stránky ZŠ a MŠ Stará Ves, okres Přerov. Jsme škola udržitelného rozvoje a škola podporující zdraví.. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  32. Home | Integrated National Financing Framework
    INFFs support the financing of national sustainable development priorities and the SDGs at the country level.. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  33. 中小企業のSDGs経営支援に特化した 営コンサルティングの専門家|SME ジネスコンサルティング
    SDGsに取り組みたい、SDGsを利益に結 付けたい、中小企業「SDGs」のお悩 み解決に特化した経営コンサルティ ング会社です。 日本で唯一のSDGs経営コミュニティ SDGs経営塾」を開催中!. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  34. Localise SDGs Indonesia
    LOCALISE SDGs Indonesia adalah upaya UCLG ASPAC dan APEKSI untuk memperkuat kapasitas Pemerintah Daerah dan asosiasinya, dengan dukungan Uni Eropa dalam mewujudkan TPB (Tujuan Pembangunan Berkelanjutan) di 16 provinsi dan 14 kota di seluruh Indonesia.. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
    産学民官が一体となってSDGsを推進 るNAGANO SDGs PROJECT。長野だから思いつくこと、 けられることがきっとあるはず。 一緒にここから世界を変えてみませ んか。. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  36. TEACH SDGs - Home
    To help reach our goal of actively supporting and enhancing the work of the United Nations' efforts within K-12 classrooms, our TeachSDGs organization contributes to the 2030 Agenda in the following.... Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  37. Home
    Achieving the SDGs through Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  38. Nico's Natural World – UN Child Ambassador for the SDGs
    UN Child Ambassador for the SDGs. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  39. Fórum cestovního ruchu – Nezávislá komunikační platforma pro koordinaci a prezentaci zájmů podnikatelů v cestovním ruchu.
    | 17% Similarity
  40. Home : GLOBALGOALS
    A five year international research project hosted at Utrecht University which aims to assess and explain the steering effects of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  41. Home - Borja Santos Porras - Working for an innovative and sustainable society
    Consultant for international development and public policy (evaluations, economic development, humanitarian affairs, innovation, SDGs, sustainable tourism or social entrepreneurship). Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  42. Sustainable India - 1 Mission -17 SDGs (News-Innovation-Implementation)
    1 Mission -17 SDGs (News-Innovation-Implementation). Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  43. Databáze Dobrá praxe | Galerie udržitelného rozvoje
    Portál „Dobrá praxe“ soustřeďuje dobrou praxi a inspirace ke kvalitě života, zdraví a udržitelnému rozvoji. Portál vytvořila a spravuje Národní síť Zdravých měst ČR.. Visit
    | 17% Similarity
  44. The 2030 Agenda in Colombia - Sustainable Development Goals
    Know the details about the institutional framework for the SDGs in Colombia, the actions of the National Government for compliance with the SDGs. Visit
    | 14% Similarity