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Title: Firefly | Build JS web apps quickly.
Description: React/Firebase boilerplate. Firefly is the friendly starter kit for front-end devs who want to ship their own projects ????????????..
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  1. Barzoo Info
    This site will list the web working projects from desiyi by React JS and other front-end technologies.. Visit
    | 26% Similarity
  2. Boris Civcic - Home
    Front-End - React js developer. Visit
    | 26% Similarity
  3. Web Developer | Vincent Medina | Florida
    Vincent Medina is Florida based front-end web developer specialized in React JS.. Visit
    | 26% Similarity
  4. INIT • An initial boilerplate for front-end projects
    Init is an initial boilerplate for front-end projects which adds more complexity to your application.. Visit
    | 26% Similarity
  5. 物翼网
    react + node starter kit. A fullstack boilerplate written in ES6 and ES7 with authentication and authorization. Visit
    | 26% Similarity
  6. Lyfeline - Lyfeline
    The best react universal starter boilerplate in the world.. Visit
    | 26% Similarity
  7. Node.js SaaS boilerplate template with React.js | Rocket
    Rocket is a Node.js SaaS boilerplate with React UI and Docker support to build production-ready apps.. Visit
    | 26% Similarity
  8. Hire Front-End, Back-End and Full Stack Developers | JSdevs
    JSdevs provide the most experienced Javascript developers in React JS, Node JS, Vue JS, Nuxt JS, React Native, Typescript and more. Hire front-end, back-end & full stack developers.. Visit
    | 26% Similarity
  9. Finch Front-End · Edinburgh · 23rd-25th September 2019
    A conference for professional web developers who want to push their front-end code to its fullest potential.. Visit
    | 19% Similarity
  10. SimpleWebRTC
    SimpleWebRTC is the easy, fun, and cost-effective way for devs of all skill levels to build advanced realtime apps with React. Start developing for free!. Visit
    | 19% Similarity
  11. Bilal Uçar - Front End Developer | JavaScript | Angular
    Angular, React, JavaScript, SCSS, Ionic, Firebase gibi teknolojileri kullanıyorum. Front End alanında kendimi geliştirmeye çalışıyorum.. Visit
    | 19% Similarity
  12. App Design and Development Company | Krit | Krit
    Krit helps startups plan, build, and ship web and mobile apps. We’re experts in front-end design and product roadmapping.. Visit
    | 19% Similarity | Alexa Rank2.5m
  13. Stephen Kempin - Front End Developer
    Stephen Kempin is a Bristol based Front End Developer specialising in HTML5, JS, React, React Native and Wordpress development.. Visit
    | 19% Similarity
  14. React Starter Kit
    React Starter Kit is a project template for building fast, robust, and modular web applications.. Visit
    | 19% Similarity | Alexa Rank1.2m
  15. HTML5 Boilerplate: The web’s most popular front-end template
    HTML5 Boilerplate is a professional front-end template for building fast, robust, and adaptable web apps or sites. Spend more time developing and less time reinventing the wheel.. Visit
    | 19% Similarity
  16. Coderiver
    We are Front-end studio by Yuriy Artiukh from Kyiv, which specialize in Front-end development & web animations (HTML/CSS/JS, WebGL, Vue, React, ThreeJS). Visit
    | 19% Similarity
  17. Johan Meester : Portfolio : Front-End Developer
    This is the portfolio website of Johan Meester. An Amsterdam based Front-End Developer specialized in React JS. Visit
    | 19% Similarity
  18. Pablo García: Jr. Full-Stack Web developer
    I'm Jr. Full-Stack Web developer building Front-End Web Apps with Angular and React. Visit
    | 19% Similarity
  19. React Native Sketch Elements
    The most comprehensive React Native starter kit. Visit
    | 19% Similarity
  20. StickyBoard
    Fully customizable Web Admin/Dashboard starter kit based on React. Visit
    | 19% Similarity
  21. CreationGuide, by Mary Millhollon and Jeff Castrina, is the ideal Web-creation site for people who want to build their own Web sites but don't know where to start.. Visit
    | 19% Similarity
  22. Filip Bartos | Freelance Front-End Developer
    Creative front-end developer with 8+ years of professional experience. #html5 #css3 #js #react. Visit
    | 19% Similarity
  23. Firefly III // Login to Firefly III
    . Visit
    | 19% Similarity
  24. SEO Company - Firefly SEO & Web Design - Indianapolis, IN
    Firefly SEO is Indianapolis' fastest-growing SEO marketing & web design agency. For local businesses who are seeking digital guidance, we have paved the way.. Visit
    | 19% Similarity
  25. Home | Kyle Shevlin
    Kyle Shevlin is a front end web developer and software engineer who specializes in JavaScript and React.. Visit
    | 19% Similarity
  26. Clean UI Pro | Homepage
    Clean UI is an exceptionally simple way to build user interfaces across all web front-end platforms with the power of React, Angular, Vue, or Html. Build beautiful & user-friendly interfaces with blazing fast prebuilt components, widgets and ready to use. Visit
    | 19% Similarity
  27. Luke Boyle | Technology and Culture
    Luke Boyle is a Front End Developer from Melbourne, Australia. Specialising in JavaScript web applications, he has experience with Angular, React and Vue Js.. Visit
    | 19% Similarity
  28. Firefly Mustique Island - Home
    Welcome to Firefly Mustique. Why not mix yourself a martini, sit back, relax, and explore our web site. We look forward to seeing you at the Firefly very soon.. Visit
    | 19% Similarity | Alexa Rank7.2m
  29. Anwar Hussain - Front End Developer - HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Git Anwar Hussain
    Anwar Hussain is a front end web developer who builds web contents using the latest technology of HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Git, npm etc.. Visit
    | 19% Similarity | Alexa Rank9.3m
  30. Portfolio | Joel D Souza - Web App Developer
    Portfolio of Joel DSouza, Web Developer. I build web apps, using React, Redux, Vue and PHP. Want to know more about me? Visit me here and explore the projects I have built.. Visit
    | 19% Similarity
  31. Extensionizr - boilerplate for your chrome extension
    Extensionizr helps you create the basis for your own awesome chrome extension. Use Extensionizer to quickly select the settings you want, and generate an chrome extension boilerplate.. Visit
    | 19% Similarity | Alexa Rank264
  32. Firefly Bulgaria
    Firefly Bulgaria. Visit
    | 19% Similarity
  33. Firefly - Firefly Arts Collective
    Firefly 2019 will be July 2-7, with about 1300 participants. Ticket Info >>. Visit
    | 19% Similarity | Alexa Rank866.9k
  34. Andrew 'Ewzzy' Rayburn
    A front-end template that helps you build fast, modern mobile web apps.. Visit
    | 19% Similarity