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Title: Creative Coding Utrecht.
Description: CCU: Creative Coding Utrecht is a platform and community that stimulates creative coding as artistic and emancipatory practice...
Site Language: English
Country: Netherlands is hosted in Netherlands. Visitors made 44 URL suggestions to this site.
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  1. Creative Coding Amsterdam
    Creative Coding Community Amsterdam. Visit
    | 37% Similarity
  2. Utopia
    A creative platform for designing, coding, and shipping interactive interfaces. Visit
    | 37% Similarity
  3. Creative Coding
    Creative Coding in progress. Be the first to know.. Visit
    | 37% Similarity
  4. clayto - clayto
    Creative coding and web stuff.. Visit
    | 37% Similarity
  5. Pts.js
    Pts is a javascript library for visualization and creative-coding.. Visit
    | 37% Similarity | Alexa Rank1.5m
  6. orion9 // victoria nine — interactive developer
    Creative coding, audio & design. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  7. JavaScreen
    Digital Design + Creative Coding. Visit
    | 30% Similarity | Alexa Rank2.3m
  8. London Creative Coding
    Tools, techniques, and inspiration for creative coders in London (+beyond).. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  9. creative coding school
    We seek to engage refugees and other socially disadvantaged people in learning how to create digital products, thus also taking part in the digital transformation in Germany. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  10. Vidcode: Creative Coding
    Research-backed computer science curriculum and coding platform for 4th-12th grades. Visit
    | 30% Similarity | Alexa Rank733.4k
  11. thisisablock ﹨ creative coding
    thisisablock ﹨ Adrian Block ﹨ Bremen ﹨ web development ﹨ e-commerce ﹨ hybrid apps ﹨ native apps ﹨ crossover projects ﹨ Germany. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  12. Creative Coding: Coding for Kids Seattle
    Coding for kids Seattle. Classes for kids 6-12. After school programs, summer camps, holiday camps. We make coding fun, creative, and challenging.. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  13. | Christian Kirkegaard
    Creative coding by Christian Kirkegaard. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  14. GeeXLab > Home
    GeeXLab - cross-platform tool for game development, 3D programming, creative coding and prototyping. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  15. Støj
    Støj is a creative coding studio based in Copenhagen.. Visit
    | 30% Similarity | Alexa Rank1.2m
  16. Blokatt
    Games, creative coding and audio by Jan Vorisek.. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  17. CodingZen - Coding Classes For Kids
    CodingZen is a coding for kids academy based in New Delhi that offers coding classes and workshops for kids. We were started with the aim of teaching kids a creative approach to coding. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  18. alsino skowronnek
    studio for data design & creative coding. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  19. W:Blut - Experiments in Creative Coding
    Creative coding experiments by Frederik Vanhoutte. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
    Creative coding and generative art by REVAD David Riley. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  21. Sandpit - A playground for creative coding
    A playground for creative coding using JavaScript and the canvas element. Visit
    | 30% Similarity | Alexa Rank17.6m
  22. Hadrien Mongouachon : Freelance creative developer based in Toulouse (France)
    Freelance creative developer based in france, mainly focused on front-end and creative coding.. Visit
    | 30% Similarity | Alexa Rank6m
  23. organized voice
    sound collage musique concrete plunderphonics algorithmic composition creative coding live coding algorave modular synthesis. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  24. Lukas Luftläufer | Creative Coding
    Web Development | design | creative coding | graphics | sound engineer. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  25. Creative Coding - Web Development
    Aducem viziunea noastra pentru evolutia afacerii tale. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  26. Creative coding in python
    Creative Coding in Python by Sheena Vaidyanathan provides readers with easy-to-follow directions and fun, helpful illustrations to teach you how to create your own computer apps, art, games, and more using Python. Teach kids to code in Python, code cha. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  27. Generative Design
    Generative Design, Creative Coding on the Web. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  28. OpenProcessing - Creative Coding for the Curious Mind
    OpenProcessing - Creative Coding for the Curious Mind. Visit
    | 30% Similarity | Alexa Rank54k
  29. Cloudy Goo
    Creative coding and exploration through software. Posts by Ewan Dennis.. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  30. A + B = C, A digital art and design studio
    A digital research studio making generative and interactive art from creative coding.. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  31. z creative labs – a creative coding and data visualisation studio
    We are a small creative studio based in Zurich, Switzerland. We design, code, and visualise data to create engaging digital experiences.. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  32. Travis Ennis
    Travis Ennis is a software engineer with interests in creative coding, generative art, and photography.. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  33. display block
    display block is an Email Marketing Creative Agency that specialises in design, HTML coding and campaign deployment.. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  34. Projects | Yuin Chien
    Yuin Chien is a San Francisco based designer and programmer focusing on graphic design and creative coding. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  35. Weihao | Q-wh | United States
    Creative Coding | Data Visualization | Interactive | Visual Art | Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  36. aem1k - JS Hacks & Creativity
    Pure JavaScript Hacks and Creative Coding. Created by Martin Kleppe aka @aemkei.. Visit
    | 30% Similarity | Alexa Rank13.3m
  37. juno morrow
    Juno Morrow is a New York City-based human, who dabbles in creative coding, design, photography and.... Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  38. PWNK Digital | Creative Coding Studio
    PWNK Digital is a Creative Coding Studio based in North London, UK. We specialise in cutting-edge Front End Development, Digital Design, Animation, 3D Gaming and Interactive content, for all the modern browsers and devices.. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  39. Creative coding | three.js | Ricardo Sanprieto
    Ricardo Sanprieto :: Interactive audio visual experience.. Visit
    | 30% Similarity | Alexa Rank5.1m
  40. PjLaine - Layered Glass Artist
    Pjlaine is a french Layered Glass and Creative Coding artist. This is the shop of the available scultptures. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  41. RadioEditAV
    A Chicago based creative content studio specializing in video filming and editing, 3D animation, projection mapping, staging and event design, and creative coding.. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  42. Kano Computer & Coding Kits | Creative Coding For All Ages‎
    Build a tablet. Learn to code games, apps, and music. Play with a Harry Potter wand, make your own spells. Simple steps and stories. Lifetime support. Free delivery. Ages 6-106. 'The winning educational computer for kids.' - WIRED. Visit
    | 30% Similarity | Alexa Rank79.5k
  43. Frank's Laboratory - creative coding tutorials, vanilla JavaScript, HTML canvas, CSS experiments
    Vanilla JavaScript project tutorials, creative coding, generative art, game development. Visit
    | 30% Similarity
  44. Getting started with Siv3D - Siv3D
    Siv3D: An open source C++17 library for creative coding. Visit
    | 30% Similarity