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Title: bitowls blog | Blog.
Description: Homepage of the hobby game developer bitowl.
Site Language: English
Country: Germany is hosted in Germany. Visitors made 44 URL suggestions to this site.
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  1. Sara Vieira
    Sara Vieira - The Homepage and blog of a random developer. Visit
    | 47% Similarity | Alexa Rank4.9m
  2. Eralp Karaduman
    Homepage and blog of Software Developer Eralp Karaduman. Visit
    | 47% Similarity
  3. Sergio Abreu García
    Game developer | Portfolio & Blog. Visit
    | 47% Similarity
  4. Writer | Erin Kirsh
    Homepage of the website of author Erin Kirsh, and the blog, The Losing Game.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  5. Portfolio | Ted McIlwain
    Just another game developer portfolio & blog. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  6. Andrés Pagella - Web/Game Developer, Author, Speaker
    The blog of Mario Andrés Pagella, an argentinian Web/Game Developer, Author and Speaker.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity | Alexa Rank7.9m
  7. Nikolajs game developer blog
    My thoughts and experiences in indie game development - In it for the fun, not the money.... Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  8. Aggressive Combustion - Dev Blog
    Congrats - you've found the developer blog for Aggressive Combustion Game Studios!. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  9. Intro | Eric Hartzog
    The projects and blog of John Eric Hartzog, including the homepage for StickWars, the hit iOS game.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  10. Nate McIntyre
    Blog and professional homepage of Boise based Software Developer and Photographer Nate McIntyre.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  11. BadToxic
    Homepage of software and game developer BadToxic. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  12. Stargazy Studios - Indie Game Design
    Homepage of indie game developer Stargazy Studios.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  13. James Waples' Internet Hole
    Personal blog of web developer and hobby machinist James Waples. He resides in The United Britain and just loves all the rain.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  14. Home made Games - Spiele selbst programmieren
    Indie Game Developer Hobby Spieleprogrammierer aus Deutschland. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  15. IndiePig
    IndiePig - Games and blog by an indie game developer.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  16. Home | Drew Conley's Website
    A blog by game and web developer Drew Conley. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  17. Serkan Bakar
    This is a mobile game developer blog. Platform games. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  18. Games making noob
    A blog about making it into the game development. Discover the world of game design and development with the blog's author - a fresh developer.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity | Alexa Rank10.5m
  19. vadzimv Dev Blog | Blog of the curious developer.
    Blog of the curious developer.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  20. Macro Man Jr. Blog
    The blog of Macro Man Jr. Computer guy, 3D generalist, indie game developer, and gamer. Among other junk.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  21. JustinTime Studios | ~ Kid Safe, Family Fun!
    Homepage of JustinTime Game and Asset Developer for Unity3d. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  22. Sam Winter
    The blog of a web developer. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  23. Lars Harmsens Homepage - The cake is real is the homepage of Android game developer Lars Harmsen. The cake is real.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  24. Ryan Meier's Blog | Ramblings of a Game Developer
    Ramblings of a Game Developer. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
    Hobby blog is about things we do in life that bring us pleasure. Hobbies we can occupy our time with.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
    KEITH'S WARGAMING BLOG. This blog has been created to share my exploits in the hobby of wargaming. I game in the WW2, Seven Years War, Napoleonic and Ancient periods. The blog also contains a few details of my book 'Airborne Armour'. Please don't quit the. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  27. Rob Welch
    Homepage of Rob Welch: computational biophysicist, engineering, game developer, author, web developer and musician.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  28. James R Lowrey
    Homepage of James R Lowrey: game, AI, and web developer.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  29. News
    The homepage of Australian indie game developer Cobra Blade. Creating Macintosh games since 1998!. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  30. Cats & Code - The blog of web developer, Ben Carson.
    The blog of web developer, Ben Carson.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  31. Alex Kondov - Software Engineer
    The blog of Alex Kondov - Software Developer.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  32. dev98 – a blog of the netz98 developer team
    a blog of the netz98 developer team. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  33. Hobby of the Kings - Niche Blog Directory 
    Have your blog reviewed by our quality blog directory and benefit from increased exposure and quality one-way links to your blog. We handpick all blog listings under relevant headings and ensure only quality blogs are approved and featured.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  34. The blog of Roy T.
    Back-end developer at who likes to blog about game technology. Visit
    | 31% Similarity | Alexa Rank5.2m
  35. NTBGames Blog | The Most Awesome Game Developer Ever!
    . Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  36. Gavin Clifton
    Homepage of Gavin Clifton - Independent game developer and creator of Canyon Dash. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  37. Bogedin Blog
    This is the website and blog of Brian Bogedin. Professional full stack web developer and game programmer operating in Southeast Michigan.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
    Homepage of Philipp Westermann, aka. Vanemiera Engineer, developer, video game enthusiast. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  39. Junk Jack by PixBits
    This is the homepage of indie game developer duo PixBits. We're currently developing Junk Jack!. Visit
    | 31% Similarity | Alexa Rank1.9m
  40. The Australian Coin Collecting Blog
    The homepage of the Australian Coin Collecting Blog. Visit
    | 31% Similarity | Alexa Rank363
  41. HotchPotch Games - Indie Game Developer Blog
    Welcome to HotchPotch Games, indie game studio currently working on Dungeon Scroller, an upcoming single-stick slapper roguelite!. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  42. Hobbyist Game Developer: Pat AfterMoon's blog
    Indie game development using Unity 3D Game Engine.Sci-fi multiplayer persistent co-operative online game in your a web browser.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  43. Schwarze Katze Project
    Squaring Circles one Side at a Time. A hobby blog on game programming and other interests.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  44. My thoughts on Unicorns, Rainbows, and Code
    The blog of Josh Owens, developer, teacher, entrepreneur. Visit
    | 31% Similarity