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Title: AnaEE Denmark – University of Copenhagen.
Description: AnaEE Denmark is a consortium consisting of six departments from University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, Technical University of Denmark and Roskilde University..
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  1. Home
    India-China Conjunctures, India, China, Conjunctures, India-China, China-India, University of Copenhagen, Roskilde University, NIAS, Lectures, Talks, Lecture-Series, Interfaces, Connections, Interactions, Denmark, Copenhagen. Visit
    | 44% Similarity
    Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University, Denmark. Visit
    | 44% Similarity
  3. Tobias Steinmann - Copenhagen, Denmark, ioGates, Technical University of Denmark |
    I am a software engineer, artist, and project manager in Copenhagen, Denmark. Visit my company website.. Visit
    | 44% Similarity
  4. Jon Kvist – Institute of Social Science and Business, Roskilde University, Denmark
    Institute of Social Science and Business, Roskilde University, Denmark. Visit
    | 44% Similarity
  5. AL AGAMI - Denmark, University of copenhagen |
    I am a writer, musician, and actor in Denmark. Listen to my music.. Visit
    | 40% Similarity
  6. David Kofoed Wind | PhD student at The Technical University of Denmark
    PhD student at The Technical University of Denmark. Visit
    | 40% Similarity
  7. Jakob E. Bardram, MSc, PhD – Copenhagen Center of Health Technology | Technical University of Denmark | University of Copenhagen
    . Visit
    | 40% Similarity
  8. Sven Puchinger | Technical University of Denmark
    H.C. Ørsted Postdoctoral Fellow | Researcher in coding theory, its applications, and related computer-algebra methods.. Visit
    | 40% Similarity
    Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation is an interdisciplinary 15 ECTS E-learning course offered by the University of Copenhagen in close collaoboration with the Danish Meteorological Institute, the Technical University of Denmark and the Unive. Visit
    | 40% Similarity
  10. Hannes Schroeder | archaeology | history | ancient DNA
    I am Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen. I received my PhD from the University of Oxford in 2009, and between 2009-2012 I was a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for GeoGenetics in Copenhagen, Denmark. My research focuses prim. Visit
    | 35% Similarity
  11. Jes Frellsen | Associate Professor
    Homepage of Jes Frellsen, Associate Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Technical University of Denmark, DTU.. Visit
    | 35% Similarity
  12. FIDE 2014 – University of Copenhagen
    In 2014, the XXVI FIDE Congress will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is organised by the Danish Association for European Law (DFE) and the Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen.. Visit
    | 35% Similarity
  13. Sønderborg - University of Southern Denmark, SDU
    The university and the local companies are closely connected in Sønderborg. The main aim is to create synergy between students, researchers and companies in order to facilitate entrepreneurship and innovation. This ensures an attractive study environment. Visit
    | 35% Similarity
  14. IT University of Copenhagen
    IT-Universitetet, etableret i 1999, er et specialiseret universitet med fokus på IT. ITU er det universitet i Danmark, som uddanner flest IT-specialister.. Visit
    | 35% Similarity | Alexa Rank46.4k
  15. NEEM – University of Copenhagen
    North Greenland Eemian Ice Drilling - NEEM.. Visit
    | 35% Similarity
  16. Niels Johannesen – University of Copenhagen – Department of Economics
    University of Copenhagen - Department of Economics. Visit
    | 35% Similarity
  17. Nika Akopian | DTU Fotonik | Technical University of Denmark
    Nika Akopian Department of Photonics Engineering Technical University of Denmark Ørsteds Plads Building 345A, room 271 2800 Kongens Lyngby Denmark Phone: +45-45-25-38-07 E-mail: Internet: . Current research Quantum Na. Visit
    | 35% Similarity
  18. HSSH - Homepage
    Henrik Spang-Hanssen. Researcher & Danish Supreme Court Lawyer & previously student at the Technical University of Denmark. Visit
    | 35% Similarity
  19. Tove Skutnabb-Kangas' homepage | Linguistic Human Rights | Linguistic diversity | Biodiversity | Indigenous Issues | Multilingual education
    Tove Skutnabb-Kangas - Dr.phil. University of Roskilde, Denmark; retired; associate professor, Åbo Akademi University Vasa, Finland. Fields of interest: Linguistic human rights, minority education, language and power, links between biodiversity and lingui. Visit
    | 35% Similarity | Alexa Rank4.8m
  20. Ernstsen (Johannes Ernstsen) · GitHub
    Enrolled at the Computer Science Masters programme at university of Aarhus, Denmark. Student programmer for Rambøll Management Consulting - Ernstsen. Visit
    | 35% Similarity
  21. Lasse Birk Olesen - Vienna, Austria, Technical University of Denmark, National University of Singapore |
    I am an entrepreneur and public speaker in Vienna, Austria. View my portfolio.. Visit
    | 35% Similarity
  22. Syddansk Universitetsforlag - University Press of Southern Denmark
    Syddansk Universitetsforlag er Danmarks største uafhængige universitetsforlag. Forlaget udgiver lærebøger til de videregående uddannelser og formidler videnskabelige resultater til det bredest mulige publikum. Forlagets forfattere tæller ikke blot ansatte. Visit
    | 31% Similarity | Alexa Rank4m
  23. Mauricio Bustamante – Postdoc – Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen
    Postdoc - Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  24. FluZooMark - Home – University of Copenhagen
    The FluZooMark project is an International OneHealth research consortium to uncover the mechanisms enabling influenza to jump from pigs to humans. The project is funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and will run for a period of 6 years starting. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  25. Kimberly Liu
    Game designer studying at IT University of Copenhagen. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  26. Thomas H. Jørgensen | Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen. thomas.h.jorgensen [at]
    Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen. thomas.h.jorgensen [at] Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  27. About me - Joe Roe
    Joe Roe is a computational archaeologist and researcher at the University of Copenhagen.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  28. University Post
    University Post is the critical, independent newspaper for students and employees of University of Copenhagen and anyone else who wishes to read it.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  29. * autumn04---*
    Robby Steuding. Arbeiten. Meine Eltern. - Summa Cum Laude graduate of Univeristy of Potsdam, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Academy for Film and Television Potsdam/Babelsberg, Roskilde University, Copenhagen Business School, Erich Pommer Institut. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
    Environmental Management in Europe is an interdisciplinary 15 ECTS online MSc course offered by the University of Copenhagen, with contributions from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  31. Modem
    Online radio by the students of the IT University of Copenhagen. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  32. Prompted Rationality | Universiteit Utrecht
    Welcome to the website of the Prompted Rationality consortium. We are a multidisciplinary group of researchers from Utrecht University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and the Technical University Eindhoven. Our research is geared towards understanding how. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  33. Sebastian Risi - IT University of Copenhagen
    I am an Artificial Intelligence researcher that aims to make machines more adaptive and creative. My research is focused on computational evolution, deep. Visit
    | 31% Similarity | Alexa Rank10.5m
  34. The International Biology Olympiad
    The International Biology Olympiad 2015 took place in Aarhus, Denmark, on July 12-19, 2015. IBO2015 was hosted by Aarhus University.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  35. Global Wind Atlas
    The Global Wind Atlas is a product of the World Bank and the Technical University of Denmark. Its purpose is to provide quick and easy access to wind resource data globally.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  36. CAES
    The Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) is a research and education consortium between Boise State University, Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho State University, University of Idaho, and University of Wyoming.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  37. Copenhagen Hotel Guide - Hotels in Copenhagen - Copenhagen Accommodation - Copenhagen Lodging Guide - Apartments - Pensions - Denmark
    Copenhagen Hotel Guide - Book online your preferred hotel in Copenhagen and Denmark! Use our accommodation finder offering one of the widest range of hotels, apartments and pensions in Copenhagen and Denmark.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  38. Barefoot Records - Scandinavian collective of improvisers
    A musician-run collective and record label, based in Copenhagen. Consisting of nine artists from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia and Poland.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  39. ITU LAN
    ITU LAN is a biannual LAN event hosted at the IT University of Copenhagen.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  40. Research in Nursing Skills -
    Research in Nursing Skills (RiNS) was established in 2006. The field of interest is the practical aspects of nursing. The founding members are affiliated with universities, university colleges and university hospitals in Denmark and Norway.. Visit
    | 31% Similarity
  41. SPICA – A Nordic network for teacher educators and students
    SPICA is a project funded by The Nordic Council of Ministers, with participation from Greenland University, Ilinniarfissuaq, University of Iceland, University of the Faroe Islands, Malmö University, University of Oulu, University College Lillebælt and Uni. Visit
    | 31% Similarity