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Title: Create shrunken URLs -
Description: Create shrunken URLs from your longer website URLs. No registration required. Completely free to use..
Site Language: English
Country: Germany is hosted in Germany. Visitors made 24 URL suggestions to this site.
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  1. Create short url - FL-Y.COM
    Create short urls from your longer website urls. No registration required. Completely free to use.. Visit
    | 79% Similarity
  2. Short URL- Create Short URL And Get Money
    Short URL Create short urls from your longer website urls. no registration required. completely free to use. start today Visit
    | 72% Similarity
  3. Create shrunken URLs -
    Do you want to generate a QR-Code? Enter your URL and click generate QR-Code . The QR-code generator creates immediately a free QR-Code with a Short-URL for you.. Visit
    | 66% Similarity
  4. URL Shortener - ShortURL
    The best URL Shortener, Create short urls of your long urls. It is not required to be registered. Completely free and with analytics report!. Visit
    | 46% Similarity | Alexa Rank2.2m
  5. Best Url Shorteners To Make Money 2018 Guide -
    Create short URLs using our top recommended URL Services and earn money when people click on your links! No registration is required. Completely free to use and track clicks on your links.. Visit
    | 39% Similarity
  6. - Create short Spotify urls
    Create short Spotify urls to use on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other social media. Only works with Spotify urls and is completely free to use.. Visit
    | 39% Similarity | Alexa Rank732.4k
  7. UTM Builder - Generate UTM Codes with Free Google URL Builder
    Use our free URL builder to create UTM codes for all your Google Analytics campaign URLs. Visit
    | 39% Similarity
  8. ShortURL - Increase your conversion
    Shorten your URLs to increase your conversion. Manage your URLs, create bundles, manage your splash pages and your settings, all from the same dashboard.. Visit
    | 33% Similarity
  9. Goldfish - URL Shortener
    Why use long URLs? Use Goldfish URLs. Visit
    | 33% Similarity
  10. - Free URL shortening, tracking, rotator & cloaking!
    Free account lets you Shrink URLs, Track URLs, Cloak URLs, Rotate URLs. Visit
    | 33% Similarity | Alexa Rank1.1m
  11. URL Shortener, Custom Links & Link Management
    Create short URL for free. You can shorten URLs to make them easier to share using the URLS shortener. Use our tool to shorten links, share, monitor traffic statistics. Visit
    | 33% Similarity
  12. Create Quiz Code - SecureQuiz
    Create quiz codes from long Google Forms urls.. Visit
    | 33% Similarity | Alexa Rank2.3m
  13. Telegram internal links redirection
    Replace with or use link generator on website to create not-banned urls. Visit
    | 33% Similarity
  14. Create short url - MDI.LINK
    Create short urls using Visit
    | 33% Similarity
  15. Torrent Safe | Anonymous Cloud Torrent Client
    Download Torrent URLs Anonymously, No registration, No software, No logging. Free trial.. Visit
    | 33% Similarity
  16. QR Code RW - Free Online QR Code Generator
    Free online QR code generator. Supports batch generation, website URLs, WiFi, phone number, text, SMS, contact info, email. No registration required.. Visit
    | 33% Similarity | Alexa Rank1.3m
  17. EasyLinkRef - Simple Link Shortener- Anonymous Link Referrer
    Use this URL Shortener service to shorten your long URLs in a very simple way! EasyLinkRef is completely free to use.. Visit
    | 33% Similarity
  18. Short URL One Click
    Create short URLs with one click.. Visit
    | 33% Similarity
  19. Free Bulk URL Shortener Online | No account and no software needed
    Create short links, small URLs, tiny links, and redirect URLs with this free URL shortener and free link shortener. Bulk shortening tool and generator.. Visit
    | 33% Similarity | Alexa Rank2.4m
  20. | Short URL Service | Create Short URLs | Track Short URL Stats, create short urls, track visits. Visit
    | 33% Similarity
    Create smart URLs for the cannabis world. Visit
    | 33% Similarity
  22. OPML generator
    Create an OPML file from a list of RSS feeds urls. Visit
    | 33% Similarity
  23. eXtra eXtra Small URL - Your URL shortener service -
    Convert your long urls into short urls.. Visit
    | 33% Similarity
  24. - The ethical URL shortener
    The ethical URL shortener with no registration required. Our features include custom shortened URLs and detailed statistics.. Visit
    | 33% Similarity | Alexa Rank106.1k